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Crime Prevention Service for Business
Welcome to Crime Prevention Service for Business at Rutgers.

Rutgers is a leader in studying crime prevention - in theory and practice.

We work with small businesses in Newark and the rest of northern New Jersey to find workable crime prevention measures that are practical and inexpensive, and geared toward individual businesses.

Our goal is to reduce crime using simple and low-cost or no-cost methods. This website is one of the ways we let business people know about what has worked before, and to hear from them about their own experiences with crime and crime prevention.

Do you have any comments about anything you've seen on this website? Is there a topic you would like us to include? Have we left out important information? Is something we've said just wrong? We need feedback from people who know best what works and what doesn't work for businesses. So please let us know!

* This website was created using funds from the Rutgers University Strategic Resource and Opportunity Analysis (SROA) allocation.
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Check its many pamphlets on business crime and other prevention topics, and use its free online library.

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