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Can Lighting Reduce My Crime Problem?

The right lights in the right place are a powerful crime prevention tool. Click on the links below to learn more.

  1. First things first...
  2. How can lighting help you?
  3. What 's your lighting goal?
  4. How much lighting do you need?
  5. What kind of lighting is there?
  6. What do you want to light up?
  7. Are there times when darkness is better?
  8. Can lighting be put in the wrong place?
  9. How can you mess up your lighting?
  10. Avoiding vandalism problems
  11. Think like a criminal
  12. What are your lighting concerns?

Send us an e-mail telling us what kind of business you have and what your lighting goals are. If this e-mail function isn't working, you can contact Marcus Felson at felson@andromeda.rutgers.edu.

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