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DOs and DON'Ts of Employee Theft Prevention

  • Be completely honest with your employees and customers. Management must set a good example.

  • Make sure that all employees are aware of the rules of the business

  • Always check employees' reported hours before you sign their timesheet. Make sure that the employees have worked the hours they are reporting

  • Act on any suspicious feeling that you have toward an employee. Make sure that your suspicion is reasonable

  • Make sure that the employee parking lot is not close to the building. You don't want it to be convenient for them to move things out of the business

  • Monitor cash transactions as often as possible
  • Act off another employee's hunch or gossip

  • Be too busy to monitor employees regularly

  • Allow employees to handle their own transactions (when they purchase things for themselves)

  • Wrongly accuse an employee of theft. Make sure that accusations are investigated before you have a serious meeting with the employee

  • Allow a lot of time to pass before you look into suspicious activity. The longer you wait, the more money you will probably lose

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