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Shoplifting Prevention Quiz

Take some time to think about your answers to these questions, then click on the checkmarks to see what else you might do to prevent shoplifting in your business.

1. What is on display at your store? How close is the display case to the entrance/exit of the store?checkmark

2. How are you watching the consumers that are present in your store?checkmark

3. What are the steps that an employee would take if they were to spot a shoplifter inside the store?checkmark

4. How often do you offer training to your employees regarding shoplifting, employee theft, and other typescheckmark of crimes and disorder that could occur inside and outside of your business?

5. How well do you know your neighbors? Are you on a first-name basis with them?checkmark

6. After a shoplifter is apprehended in your store, do you keep track of them in any way?checkmark

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