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Preventing Vandalism

Vandalism is the deliberate destruction or defacement of public or private property. It may include such things as broken lights or windows, damaged phone booths or street signs, bent car antennas, and broken or damaged public restrooms.

Businesses pay millions of dollars each year to repair vandalism, and these costs are eventually passed on to the customers through higher prices.

Businesses can help prevent vandalism in the following ways:

1. Use good lighting in and around your business. This ensures that potential vandals are more visible and increases their chances of getting caught.

2. Use unbreakable fixtures or glass when possible.  This reduces a person's opportunities to vandalize.

3. Lock any gates, garages and external doors around your business to prevent unauthorized access. Also lock up any equipment or tools that may be easy targets for vandals.

4. Clean up any signs of vandalism as soon as they appear. This may involve repairing broken or damaged signs or equipment.

5. If you see someone committing an act of vandalism, report it to the police.

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