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Workplace violence is any threatening behavior that happens in a work environment. This includes shaking fists, throwing objects, or other overt physical acts, as well as any verbal or written threats to cause harm to anyone or anything.

People within and outside of the workplace can commit violence in the workplace. There are three main types of workplace violence:

Type and Definition
Usual Victims
TYPE I --The offender does not have a legitimate relationship with the business or its employees. Robbery is most often the motive. Most workplace violence falls into this category.

How to prevent Type I workplace violence

  • Convenience and liquor store employees
  • Taxicab drivers
  • Restaurant and grocery store employees
  • Hotel and motel clerks
TYPE II -- The victim is a service provider and the offender is receiving services.

How to prevent Type II workplace violence

  • Police and public safety professionals
  • Medical care providers
  • Social workers
  • Attorneys and judges
TYPE III -- The offender has some type of relationship with the business or an employee. Most offenders in this type of violence are current or former employees, current or former friends of employees, relatives of employees, or current or former customers.

How to prevent Type III workplace violence

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